ABA ROLI Director – Security – United States of America

The American Bar Association-Rule of Law Initiative is seeking a Security Director. This is a principal job within the ABA responsible for ensuring the safety, security, and appropriate controls and protection of human, property, and fiscal assets on both a domestic and international basis.

Principal Duties/Job Responsibilities

● Responsible for proactively developing, monitoring, and appropriately reacting to global threat assessment to ABA personnel, assets, facilities, members attending ABA-sponsored events, and volunteers.

● Collects, compiles, and analyzes security related information and professional security networks to continually assess the security posture for all locations.

● Creates, tests, validates, and deploys security processes, programs, policies, and practices which mitigate risks and threats to the ABA, its staff, assets, and facilities, and our members.

● Provides routine and emergency management security orientations/briefings for ABA volunteers and staff traveling domestically and internationally.

● Develops and delivers safety and security related trainings to employees, consultants, and ABA Volunteers.

● Responsible for the creation and operationalization of safety and security programs that are aligned to appropriately address various situations such as fire, flood, acts of terrorism, assaults, natural disasters, evacuation situations, business continuity, etc.

● Develop and enforce travel policies designed to mitigate risk for planned domestic and international travel and lodging for ABA staff and volunteers and provides appropriate security assessment for such travels. May recommend that such travels be postponed or delayed based upon his/her assessment.

● Ensures that senior leaders traveling to hostile or potentially volatile locations are apprised of the potential threat assessment and evacuation/extrication plans in the event of an emergency.

● Supervise HQ and Field-based security staff. Provides coaching, counseling, feedback, performance appraisal, and, where necessary, applies discipline to an assigned team.

● Conducts and manages security audits/assessments on offices and expatriate residences to ensure minimum physical security standards are met. Assists Country Manager to ensure compliance with security policies and procedures.

● Creates, fosters, and expands relationships with other NGOs, UN agencies, security providers, law enforcement entities, and risk information resources and networks to ensure that all threat assessments are as current as possible and to ensure optimal support from such entities in cases of emergency.

● Consults with grant management team to ensure that all grant proposals have sufficient funding incorporated into the grant for the provision of security based upon a threat assessment for the host country.

● Procures and/or directs the procurement of external security services, ensuring compliance with both the ABA and grantor contractual requirements, negotiates terms, conditions, and performance guarantees with service providers, and is accountable for contract compliance.

● Performs other related duties as required.

Basic Qualifications & Interests

● Possession of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and at least ten years’ experience in corporate security management and safety.

● Previous experience working in an international location in a post-conflict environment or in which the host country has an ongoing political transition.

● Previous experience actively working with security providers, law enforcement entities, and/or intelligence resources and utilizing information to create and deploy actionable security plans and programs.

● Previous experience in ensuring optimal normal and emergent condition security and response to ensure the safety and security of the location’s assigned staff and physical location(s).

● Demonstrated ability to establish priorities and plan, coordinate and monitor his/her own work plan with minimum supervision and to work under pressure or in crisis situations.

● Proven interpersonal skills and the ability to listen and work in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity. Proven communication skills, both verbal and written.

Preferred Qualifications & Interests

● Previous experience providing security services for global organization particularly NGOs or development organizations.

how to apply

Please submit your applications along with other relevant documents by using the URL below: https://us62e2.dayforcehcm.com/CandidatePortal/en-US/aba/Posting/View/2569

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