All Star Diaries: Day 2 (July 10th) –

All-Star weekend was incredible, as hit on in the first edition of all-star diaries. Yet again on my second day in, I expected to be taken away by the on-court product, but the interactions I experienced and relationships developed reigned paramount. I’m pretty much solely a person who watches games on my laptop or in my office, and that was heightened by the pandemic.

Sitting next to people I didn’t know and then getting to know them while simultaneously watching Allie Quigley go off or Sylvia Fowles opening the All-Star game with a three was awesome. It was the kind of event that generated feelings leading to me looking up ticket prices back in my hotel for Fever games, the closest arena to me. Can I try and find a story that coincides with a three-game road trip I fly out for?

The event did its justice to me. I’m already an avid watcher of games, but I miss what that in-person experience brings and it hasn’t even been a week.

The skills competition and the events overall during the first day highlighted things I really want to see moving forward with the league and its branding partners Pairing WNBA stars with high school players on the Nike EYBL circuit and bringing in all of their teammates was an incredibly fun and inventive idea. Including the next generation of potential W players as well as spurring on fandom is a win.

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