Countdown to Beauty-from-Within Webinar

Whether it’s a scoop of collagen in your morning coffee for younger looking skin or a biotin capsule for thicker, lustrous hair, there is no shortage of ingestible beauty products. Ahead of our beauty-from-within webinar, we sat down with our esteemed panel to hear what they’re most excited about, what benefits consumers are seeking and what predictions they have for the category.

beauty developments​brought to you be science

“I think both ingredient suppliers and brands are paying more attention to the market demand for effective supplements to target skin/hair health and appearance. The category is benefitting from an increased demand of wellness products considering their relationship with beauty,” Said Giorgio Dell’Aqcua, Chair, New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists. “I am excited to see that beauty from within is evolving from simple formulations based on vitamins, minerals, collagen, etc. to more complex and sophisticated ones containing phytochemicals from plants inspired by traditional medicine and with validated clinical data.”

Paula Simpson, Innovation, Product Development & Branding Consultant at Nutribloom Consulting pointed out that advancing research in aesthetic-focused nutrition, plant-derived and nutraceutical ingredients in understanding their “mechanism of action” and physiological benefits is helping industry to formulate higher quality and efficacious nutricosmetics.

“Products today are more multifunctional or ‘wholistic’ vs formulations 5-10 years ago. For example, products today may include ingredients that indirectly influence skin or hair health, supporting systemically vs targeted aesthetic conditions (ie gut health, cardio-tonic, mental health or detoxification support),”Simpson explained.


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