Love Island USA Season 4’s Bi Contestant Courtney Boerner’s Age, Job & IG

Love Island USA season 4’s Courtney Boerner is the first openly bisexual islander, and fans can’t wait to meet her when the show premieres on July 19.

Fans are thrilled that Love IslandUSA has expanded its LGBTQ+ casting to include openly bisexual Courtney Boerner, and fans want to know more about this season 4 contestant. Love IslandUSA is a spin-off show from the original British series Love Island. Like other island-based dating shows, contestants are not allowed to have contact with the outside world. During a series of challenges, contestants will have a chance at the $100,000 grand prize if they find their match.

Details on the summer hit are quiet, and the teaser doesn’t give any spoilers. The show’s creators have previously said they were wary of expanding casting to LGBTQ+ contestants due to “logistic difficulties,” and Love IslandUSA has only had a few LGBTQ+ singles that came out while filming the show. Fans were delighted when Love Island season 8’s Amber Beckford and Tasha Ghouri kissed. Still, there has been speculation that producers introduced Leslie Golden, who is openly pansexual, in Love IslandUSA season 3’s Casa Amor twist due to backlash from fans and contestants demanding more representation.


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Leslie’s debut was cut short after quickly leaving the villa for “personal reasons,” but it opened a door for others. Love IslandUSA has moved from CBS to the streaming platform Peacock, its new producers seem to have overcome the logistical difficulties in casting LGBTQ+ contestants openly. With the addition of Courtney, she will make franchise history by being the first openly bi OG Love Island contestant.

Courtney’s Age

Courtney is 24 years old and will be joining Love IslandUSA season 4 as one of the original islanders. The up-and-coming reality star was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida, but currently lives in Los Angeles. Fun fact, despite her young age, Courtney has already had 19 plastic surgeries. From her In her AND! On-line contestant bio, Courtney says she “hates bad breath more than anything“and advises,”Keep it minty, people.“The publication gave other fun facts about the fledgling reality TV star, such as she”has had 19 plastic surgeries“and”have dated both men and women.” She also “could not live without her jewelry or her vibrator.”

Courtney’s Job

Courtney left the Sunshine State to pursue a stylist career in Los Angeles, California, according to her bio. However, her online presence of her with 126,000 followers on Instagram suggests the Love Island star is pursuing a career as an influencer or model. Comfortable in front of cameras, Love IslandUSA may be her ideal place for Courtney to kick off her influencer career. She also clearly enjoys the finer things as Courtney has posted photos of herself in what looks like the nearly $700.00 Rolls Royce Cullinan with a Hermes orange interior and a starlit ceiling. the Love IslandUSA star often wears designer clothing, is traveling on private jets, and is relaxing on yachts. Courtney has also worked for Showtime PPV during a boxing match between Jack Paul and Tyron Woodley, carrying placards around the ring showing the round number.

Courtney’s Instagram

Courtney is active on her Instagram, and Love IslandUSA season 4 fans can follow her at @courtnneylynn. Judging from her posts of her, Courtney is very confident with her body of her, and going on a show where she will have ample opportunity to be in swimwear seems fitting for her. Whether or not Courtney will find love on Love IslandUSA remains to be seen. Still, with her being attracted to attractive people and Peacock able to show more suggestive content, this season could get very interesting for fans beginning Tuesday, July 19.

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Sources: E! Online, Courtney Boerner/Instagram

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