What is 11 Divided by 7/14?

Accepted Solution

Calculating Division of a Number by a Fraction

Calculating Division of a Number by a Fraction

This page will explain how to do a calculation involving the division of a whole number by a fraction. Specifically, we will show the step-by-step methodology to solve 11 divided by 7/14:

Note: We are using Latex to denote mathematical calculations into a form that will be easy to understand.

Whole number/Dividend = 11, Numerator of Divisor = 7, Denominator of Divisor = 14

First: 11 divided by 7/14 can be set as:
Step 1: Multiply the whole number, 11 by the denominator of the fraction, 14:
$11 \times 14 = 154$
Step 2: The numerator of the fraction becomes the denominator of the answer, thus the problem in fraction form is:
$\frac{154}{7} = \frac{22}{1}$
An answer with 1 as its denominator is called an improper fraction. This can further be simplified to just 22.

So, 11 divided by 7/14 equals 22. Keep practicing division problems to master this method. Happy calculating!