New RadarFirst Solutions Boost Privacy Program Maturity for Leading-Edge Brands

“It’s inspiring to be part of a company that continues to follow an exciting innovation roadmap, based entirely on the evolving needs of privacy professionals. RadarFirst continues to be the most practical, efficient, and accessible solution for organizations that manage regulated data.”Alan KnepferChief Sales Officer at RadarFirst.

Alan continued, “With improved efficiency and the assurance that teams follow organizational best practices, Playbooks makes RadarFirst an accessible platform for growing privacy programs in need of scalability without compromise.”

New Workflow Functionality Provides Efficiency and Consistency

Playbooks complement RadarFirst’s recently released Incident Dimensions capability. Together, an incident’s components (eg, privacy, compliance, security, records management) can be addressed by different teams in a collaborative, repeatable, and compliant manner.

With Playbooks, organizations have the ability to define and enforce a consistent approach for each unique situation (eg, misdirected email, lost/stolen computer, phishing attack), to help privacy teams engage and collaborate with the right stakeholders at each stage of the incident response and provide due diligence to internal leaders and regulators.

“For organizations seeking to mature their privacy programs, Playbooks in RadarFirst reduce the time spent by incident leads to investigate and close out incidents through well-documented, repeatable processes while improving compliance, which is important for company leadership,” says greg sikesVice President of Product at RadarFirst. “In the past, teams would have to rely on external documentation; with Playbooks, we help our customers ensure a repeatable, audit-compliant approach.”

Enhanced Ecosystem Integration

For an incident in RadarFirst that is associated with an incident in ServiceNow (either an IT Service Management ticket (ITSM) or Security Incident Response ticket (SIR), improvements have been made to expand the technology integration between ServiceNow and RadarFirst. Customers using this integration experience tight collaboration and coordination between IT, Security, and Privacy teams resolving an incident.

Updates include new user functionality to map additional incident data, including custom fields, and the ability to send attachments from ServiceNow to RadarFirst such as relevant incident profiling information helpful in identifying privacy concerns associated with the event.

Strong Brand Values ​​Reflect Current Growth

RadarFirst is committed to being the most innovative privacy solution for organizations of all sizes. With the opportunity to reflect on its position within the privacy space, RadarFirst has evolved its brand identity to better align with its current corporate values:

  • Integrity and empathy
  • inclusion and innovation
  • Respect and candor

The new RadarFirst brand takes flight, reflecting who we are — the global privacy management innovation leader helping privacy teams of all sizes leverage the digital transformation of privacy processes to streamline incident management and build trust with consumers whose personal information is managed.

CEO of RadarFirst, Don India says, “Data Privacy has taken center stage around the globe. Across industries, the time to prioritize privacy processes is now. With the support of our customers and team, RadarFirst expects to see continued growth in all sectors. As more and more catalysts adopt our solution , RadarFirst will continue to make our name known as an innovator for privacy.”

About RadarFirst

In today’s world of increasingly complex and changing privacy regulations, RadarFirst offers innovative software solutions to data privacy challenges. With RadarFirst, the patented SaaS-based incident response management platform, organizations make consistent, defensible breach notification decisions in half the time. The Radar Breach Guidance Engine™ profiles and scores data privacy incidents and generates incident-specific notification recommendations to help ensure compliance with data breach laws as well as contractual notification obligations. Privacy leaders around the globe rely on RadarFirst for an efficient, consistent, and defensible solution for privacy incident response. Learn more at

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