Six ways to successfully generate leads for your business

Not too long ago, email marketing was the favorite channel for reaching people in their mailboxes and keeping brands top of mind.

While email marketing (when strategically planned and implemented), using a clean and relevant database can yield excellent results and can be turbo-charged when paired with an effective lead generation campaign.

Social media and influencer marketing are additional ways of gaining brand awareness and nurturing relationships with potential customers. But you may get disappointing results if you don’t invest time and effort in:

  • grow your communities
  • producing unique breakthrough content, and
  • managing your influencers.

Here are six lead generation strategies to boost your online visibility, gather qualified and interested prospects and turn them into customers:

1. Use social media

When implemented correctly, social media lead generation marketing is one of the most potent channels for certain sectors.

Social media marketing and social shopping can turn prospects into shoppers or inquiries in one click. Research shows that consumers are more receptive to marketing messages in the social space than on any other channel.

2. Search engine optimized content

Advertising online is floating, but online content lives forever. It is a powerful tool for ensuring that your digital properties appear on the first page and prime search engine results.

As with social media, do not think blog posts are a waste of time. A cleverly crafted article with the right keywords will trigger higher rankings. If you’re after leads, you must outrank your competitors, or they will outrank you.

3. Optimize landing pages

Your website must be at the center of your lead generation efforts. But far too many home pages have significant drop-off rates from poorly designed elements and complicated navigation.

If you want to do business in 2022, you can’t use the tools of 2002. A hard-working campaign landing page immediately tells visitors:

  • what you do
  • how you can help them, and
  • how they can contact you.

Do not run a lead generation campaign without a dedicated landing page specially developed for that particular campaign.

4. Use public relations

Your lead generation campaign can be substantially enhanced with public relations and earned publicity.

When your content and news feature on third-party sites and publications, it builds reputation and trust, which pushes your potential customers past the consideration phase into customers. Public relations also enhances web rankings as Google prefers when traffic to your website and landing page comes from sources other than your own.

5. Do not freeze cold calling

Humans thrive on connections, but there’s nothing worse than getting a phone call with an unsolicited pitch. Unfortunately, approaching businesses directly as a means of lead generation is tricky but not impossible.

Make sure you do your research and find connections and shared interests. Use a social media person-to-person lead generation campaign that effectively replaces that freezing phone call or email.

6. Consider reviews

What customers say about your brand can impact your success, whether by word of mouth or online review.

Bad news travels fast, but good reviews go further. Turn positive reviews and comments into digital billboards. A free review on Google or a social media shoutout means your satisfied customers have become your private sales team.

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